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This Little Truck

The warmer March weather on Sunday offered me the opportunity to get out in the park and do a bit more planning for one of our shorter guided hikes in an area known as the “Hidden Village”.  I was able to make out some 12 foundations, an additional road that I had not seen before and maybe most interestingly I found this old pickup truck cab.

Devils Lake State Park Abandon Truck

I knew the old truck was there, left over from a time when the nearby quarry was still running full steam. I’m told it is a 1941 chevy 1/2 ton with a top speed of about 45 mph! Sometime back I had been shown a photo of one of Devil’s Lake State Park’s rangers behind the wheel, but I couldn’t pin down the exact location. Heading out this time of year was a good idea. Everything is much more visible!

Well, it’s just one more thing we can check out if you come out for a Hidden Village Adventure Tour this year!

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