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We’re crazy about exploring our natural world! From our home here in the Baraboo hills we’re always seeking a new adventure! One thing we’ve learned from our own travels is that no matter where we’ve been, from our national parks to the Highlands of Scotland, there’s nothing like local knowledge and encouragement to really open up an outdoor adventure. When you visit the Baraboo Hills…, we’re the locals!

Devil’s Lake Guided Adventure Hikes are designed to share our some of our favorite “backyard” locations. Our goal is to get you off the trails and into areas of Devil’s Lake State Park & the Baraboo Hills to see our many hidden gems, landmarks and natural areas that you may not otherwise be aware of want to take on, on your own. Along the way, we’ll share stories about our local history, wildlife & environment while offering tips and location ideas for your next adventure.



Derrick Mayoleth grew up wandering the Baraboo Hills here in central Wisconsin. He founded DevilsLakeWisconsin.com in 1996. He is a photographer, web developer & social media professional. Derrick spent about 10 years as a sea kayaking coach with Rutabaga in Madison and has paddled the great lakes, both coasts and various locations around the world including the UK, Israel and completed the first sea kayak circumnavigation of Puerto Rico. Over the years he has been an EMT as well as guided at the International Crane Foundation & Wollersheim Winery. Derrick also spent 3 seasons working in visitor information at Devil’s Lake State Park.


With a bit more information, our guide can reserve your dates and start the process of organizing your one-of-a-kind adventure right now!