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Explore with us as we immerse ourselves in a natural world of Devil’s Lake State Park and the Baraboo Hills!

Our guided adventure hikes go from easy to difficult, from 2 hour off-trail jaunts to full-day “backcountry” experiences, so there’s something for everybody. If your group or family have any special requests, topics or interests, we’ll happily design a custom adventure to meet your needs as well.

Tour prices start at $50 per person depending on the experience you select and group size. Groups over 10 people and individuals should contact us directly for rates.

As always, if you have any questions just send out an email to: mydevilslakehike@icloud.com

Choose Your Adventure


Stream Scramble

Follow a rocky stream back to the park! This 2 hour adventure hike leads you through a wild and beautiful part of the park while still just minutes from major trails and the north shore day use [...]


Into The Gultch!

Grigol's Gulch is located on the eastern side of Devil's Lake State Park's 10,000 acres. This 2 hour snowshoe/hike is an ideal winter trek through the wilderness! We meet at Devil's Lake State Park's [...]


The Narrows

Just a few miles east of Baraboo, the Lower Narrows SNA is a unique and very scenic part of the Baraboo Range. As a state natural area, this former quarry has little in the way [...]

Expect to have a great time and bring your camera!

Booking Your Adventure

You pick the adventure tour you’d like or imagine your own. Contact us about the date you can do it and with any questions you might have. We confirm availability by email. You make your deposit, then we send you a bunch of info and next thing you know we’re walking in the woods!  (Well, it’s a little more detailed than that, but you get the picture!)

The Nature of Nature

The important thing to keep-in-mind is that our adventure tours often go off trail to explore the “backcountry”. We’ll be walking in natural environments with all that implies, including such things as; mosquitos & ticks, uneven, rocky and sometimes wet and muddy ground. Low branches, brush, weeds such as poison ivy & nettles, etc., and of course wildlife….everything nature has to offer. We also plan to go ahead on rainy days depending on location & weather conditions. That is just part of the adventure and something to prepare for.

Getting There And Back

Our hikes start and end at the parking area, usually within Devil’s Lake State Park. Occasionally we will ask everyone to carpool for thru-hikes where the starting point and the destination are different.

What Happens When…?

When you register for a tour we will send you a more detailed “What To Expect” email covering many of the most common questions including the infamous, “What if I have to go to the potty in the middle of nowhere?” and other useful information.

Time Is On Your Side

Lastly, in order for everyone to have a good time, we pace our hikes to match everyone’s ability and interest. We are not pressed for time and we won’t need to rush off to another tour. While we will work to meet your schedule, we’ll also take our time if you want to really enjoy the experience!

Half-Day tours include: Knowledgeable local guide, snacks, various gear depending on the trip.

Day tours include: Knowledgeable local guide, snacks, various gear depending on the trip & cool souvenir water bottle!

Always: First Aid & Emergency Equipment, Water Filter.

More: Trekking poles, backpacks & rain ponchos, binoculars will be available as needed.

We can provide lunch on full day programs for a small additional fee.

Water – Reusable Nalgene, bottled water or hydration bladders like a Camelback. How much water? That depends on you. Minimum 2 liters on a 4hr hike for average ppl. (1 liter = 33.8oz) Often bottles and packs can be filled before we head out, but not at all locations. Filling your hydration packs before you head out is a good idea.

Medications – Any prescription or over the counter medications you take regularly! (Think Epipen & inhalers!)

Snacks – Pack specific regional foods or dietary requirements.  (We will have trail mix, cliff bars & fruit to share.)

Layered Clothing – Weather changes. It’s often chilly in the morning when we get started, hot by midday and cool again at night. Bring thin layers that you can stack to accommodate variable weather. A warm hat, like a beanie, isn’t a bad idea either!

Wind/Rain Jacket – An inexpensive poncho works great too! (We do have ponchos you can use.)

Proper footwear – hiking shoes or boots are necessary. No open-toed sandals or water shoes please! Remember to break your shoes in before joining a day hike! Nothing can ruin a hike faster than blisters!

Backpack – Small bag to carry gear, food and water during your hikes. Please don’t bring a cooler with you on your trip.

Swimsuit – You may want to hit the beach at Devil’s Lake later in the day!

Camera – Remember to include gear like additional lenses, filters and a tripod (IF you can carry them throughout the hike).

Binoculars – Great for seeing birds, climbers and other wildlife! (We will have a pair or two to share around.)

Sun Protection – Sunscreen, lip balm, hat and sunglasses

Bug repellent – Mosquitos & Ticks are active in the Baraboo Hills, so bring your choice of repellant if you are sensitive to them. We have some tips on this to share when you arrive.


With a bit more information, our guide can reserve your dates and start the process of organizing your one-of-a-kind adventure right now!