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Project Description

You only walked a short way off trail for a quick “bathroom break”. Making  your way back, you slowly come to realize that things are not looking familiar. You don’t remember that hill you just climbed OR that grove of thick pine trees.  Maybe you came from the south? Or was it the west? “Which way IS west?”, you ask yourself.  After wandering around for what seems like hours, you hear something…  A stream!  Now what was it that tv dude who was always getting lost in the wild said about streams?

You wouldn’t think people would get lost at Devil’s Lake State Park.. but it DOES happen! On this half day adventure tour we will find that stream and figure out where to go from there. As we work our way through the backcountry we’ll talk about some basic navigation and survival skills that might come in handy if you get lost in the woods here, or anywhere. But mostly we’ll just enjoy the scenery!

On this moderate tour,  you can expect stream crossings, rock-hopping, rocky uneven ground and occasional thick brush to push through.

Difficulty: Medium to Difficult.

Duration: 4 hours

Meeting Time: Generally 9am

Meeting Location: Depends on destination

What We Provide:

  • Friendly knowledgeable guide
  • Light snacks
  • Schwag! 25oz souvenir water bottle
  • Available: trekking poles, rain ponchos

What You Need:

  • Snacks and water
  • Basic outdoor clothing, rain jacket, and suitable footwear
  • Small backpack or waistpack
  • Trekking poles are recommended.
  • Read the equipment list

Ratio: 4-6:1

Length: Half Day (3-4 hours)

1 person $290/person
2 people $95/person
3 people $65/person
4 ppl + $45/person
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